Our inspirational teachers at Heaven Sent Spiritual Centre


International Award Winning Medium

  Bernie amazes people with her connection with those in spirit. 

She is known for her bubbly personality which captures her audience.

Always endeavoring to give details from her guides that are unusual

 and specific in nature which demonstrates her unique gift.

     Bernie is enthusiastic about her mediumship and this is evident in her teachings. 

                                                 A wonderful teacher and inspirer  

BEA and DAVE - Bards of Avalon

We have trained in a variety of healing modalities,

 however, we both found that sound healing has had the

most profound impact on our lives.

Our explorations of sound have led us to learning directly

from some of the world’s finest sound healing practitioners


                                                                                     We love to share our experiences of sound through workshops  

                                                                                                     sound baths, and presentations.           

                                                                                  We enjoy providing practical tools and techniques 

                                                                                  to help you move through your life with greater ease, grace and joy.  

                                                                              Our Mission: to inspire you to be the magnificent being you truly are.


Sharon aims to teach you to turn negativity energy into positive,

guiding you forward in to a positive future and way of thinking.

Sharon also offers  Reiki, meditation,  mediumship readings

 and Angel cards readings.

Sharon works with all these methods in the knowledge

 that they may help to heal people, de-stress and  find

their right path for their life’s journey.


I have been interested in all forms of metaphysical phenomenon for many years,

 including Dowsing,  Psychic Abilities, Mediumship,Trance and Art.

 I have recently begun to bring Astrology into the world of Tarot.

I have run courses and given workshops and talks on various metaphysical subjects

 and really enjoy doing this work.

A philosophy of mine is 'what is the point of knowledge if you can't pass it on’


Accredited Regression Tutor, Hypnotherapist and Inner-child Regression Specialist

will take us towards the phenomenon of visiting our past lives using

 hypnosis, as a healing tool,

that moves beyond the present life into past-life regression.

Hazel has a private practice and sees clients in Bristol, Stroud and Bath

 and globally via skype. She has been teaching

Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy since 2006.

       For 6 years she was co-trainer and supervisor with the Regression Academy     


Pippa Cooke is an Intuitive Energy Practitioner. 

Based on the West coast of Somerset, she facilitates, appointments with

 Crystals, Sound, Reiki Seichem and Theta Healing.

 Pippa also run ascension workshops for the past four years,

themes including: The Golden Age of Alantis, Goddess Isis -

Queen of Love and The 12 Rays of Light.


My teaching started after taking reiki 1. 

Reiki inspired meto teach and so I put myself on Open University studying various subjects around CAM, achieving my degree  Bachelor of Science, also attending Soundwell College

where I achieved my Further Adult Teaching Certificate. 

All this was 15 years ago and I have been teaching ever since. 

My courses include Reiki 1, Reiki 11, Master/Teacher in the traditional

Usui/Takata style and Reiki Professional Practitioner. 

My courses are 1 of only 27 accredited Reiki courses in the country having been verified

through the Reiki Council and CNHC. I also run 1-day practitioner courses

in Indian Head Massage and Rejuvenating Face Massage.

All of my courses are insurable through Balen who  also accept

                                                          my Adult Teacher/Trainer course for those who want to go on and teach.


Sam has a deep passion for working with spirit

and has spent many years developing her understanding of the different ways

 in which we can embrace the fullness of our being, (from the benefits of sound to

the depth of our emotions to the vibrational frequency of our surroundings). 

She is naturally caring,sensitive and intuitive and uses all these skills

within her therapy practice, together with the ability to hold her

clients in a space where they feel safe and free. 

Sam also uses her humor to encourage those she works with to feel more open.

                                              Sam uses her skills of spirit communication in many different aspects

                                                    of her work and develops her love of trance communication,

                                                               inspirational writing and speaking  

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