Our inspirational teachers at Heaven Sent Spiritual Centre


International Award Winning Medium

  Bernie amazes people with her connection with those in spirit. 

She is known for her bubbly personality which captures her audience.

Always endeavoring to give details from her guides that are unusual

 and specific in nature which demonstrates her unique gift.

Bernie is enthusiastic about her mediumship and this is evident in her teachings. 

                                                     A wonderful teacher and inspirer  


I have been interested in all forms of metaphysical phenomenon for many years,

 including Dowsing,  Psychic Abilities, Mediumship,Trance and Art.

 I have recently begun to bring Astrology into the world of Tarot.

I have run courses and given workshops and talks on various metaphysical subjects

 and really enjoy doing this work.

A philosophy of mine is 'what is the point of knowledge if you can't pass it on’


Tim has been aware of the spirit world since the age of 7.

At 19 Tim started to formally develop his mediumship with mentor Glyn Edwards.

Later Tim became drawn to the teaching side of mediumship and trance mediumship

and has now taught In many countries throughout Europe.

Tim is a very modern style teacher who has the ability of encouraging the best

from his students and believes very much that practical experiences enables

his students to grow through experience


Palmist, Medium, Trance Medium, Tarot Reader and Tutor

Andy has many years experience in reading palms and was trained by a 

Master Palmist at the College of Psychic Studies in London. 

He is also a working medium doing church services, demonstrations

 and readings online and in person. Andy is a qualified tutor and teaches 

all aspects of his spiritual abilities in the United Kingdom and abroad.

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